PIC Grant For SME

PIC Grant For SME

The PIC stands for Productivity Innovation Credit, it is administered by Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).  The PIC grant Singapore and PIC bonus help to improve local SMEs businesses and invest in all SMEs innovation and productivity.  This is supported by the Singapore government with IRAS being the administrator, to provide in the form of 400% tax deduction, allowances and/or cash payout for expenditure in any of the six qualify activities.  

How much does PIC grant help SMEs and how much is online presence helping SMEs?

Research demonstrates that smaller businesses, by and large, are not maximizing the benefit of their Internet presence. This may be surprising to hear, and even disappointing to some, but it should be pointed out that those taking advantages of it, will be experiencing the significant gains.

Credits to Singapore government for coming up with the generous goodies, initiated in 2010 budget, further enhanced in the subsequent years, the purpose is to help SMEs businesses in Singapore to maximize savings and accelerate their productivity and innovation - that's the PIC grant for SMEs in Singapore.  

The six activities covered under PIC:

  1. Research & Development
  2. Registration of intellectual property rights (IPRs) – e.g patents, trademarks, designs and plant varieties
  3. Acquisition and in-licensing of IPRs – e.g. Buying a patented technology or copyright for use
  4. Acquisition or leasing of prescribed automation equipment
  5. Training of employees
  6. Approved design projects

From YA2013 to 2015, you may also enjoy a PIC Bonus, a dollar-for-dollar matching cash bonus given on top of the existing tax deductions and cash payout. Check the Self-Assessment of Eligibility for PIC+ Scheme.

Bring your Business up on the Internet, you can print your web address to your name card and keep your customer updated through the internet on your recent promotion, event, and products. many entrepreneurs start a business in Singapore without having a functional and user-friendly website.

There are also cases whereby they haven’t considered having a website created or made. It is a fair good return of investment for building a website with us, keeping your business running 24/7.

The PIC Grant rewards Singapore companies who innovate and become more productive, and your company can claim up to a cost of $100,000 (60% at $60,000).

Read details in CashPayout PIC grant pdf file and let Imperial Program help you to take your business to the next level.

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Questions To Ask Your Website Designer

If you are looking for a web designer to help with your next small business website, ask the following questions, to avoid major issues during the project.

We’ve outlined the top 3 questions to ask your website designer or a potential website service provider before committing to a new site. The answers will help ensure a good fit and a good return on your investment once you start your online presence or revamp your website service after a decade not updating anything new to make it live or engaging with your prospective audience.



3 questions to ask a website provider:

Question 1 Who will write the content for my website?

  • Content is arguably the single most important factor in converting website visitors into new patients. Your website content is what will educate prospective clients about your products and services and ultimately help them decide whether or not they trust you and want to buy your service.
  • If you’re considering a do-it-yourself website, keep in mind that the content creation will rest on you. Writing persuasive, SEO-friendly website content is an art, so make sure you have the time, energy, and writing skills if you go this route.
  • If you decide to partner with a website company, find out who will do the writing. Many companies have writing staffs available to revise and edit content that you supply, whereas others have a professional writing team or staff to create original content for you.
  • Our writing team creates the unique content based on a brief telephone interview with you so that your voice shines through in professionally written content.

Question 2 – What will you do after my website is live?

In your research for a website, you will encounter two types of providers:

1. who sell websites as products and

2. who provide websites as a service

  • The hard work is far from over when your website is launched, yet many discount providers who sell websites as products believe the work is done. That’s when the real work of making your website effective should swing into high gear with competitor monitoring, search engine optimization, new content, social media integration, monthly patient newsletters, and design updates.
  • To stay competitive and get new patients from your practice website, you need a website service. You can distinguish between websites sold as products and websites sold as services by the set-up and monthly fees. Products typically have a high set-up fee and low monthly hosting fee, whereas a website service usually has a modest set-up fee and slightly higher hosting fee.


Question 3 – What is the response time on website updates?

  • Your website is never “done.”
  • You will need to add fresh content, update your hours, products or add a new team member to the staff page. It’s important to ask a potential website provider how long changes like these will take so there are no surprises.
  • Some companies will charge a fee for making these types of updates.
  • For instance, a freelance graphic designer may not enjoy updating existing websites when his or her focus is on designing a website, not maintaining the site. If you’re doing it yourself, make sure updating your site is easy.

Too many hoops to jump through on the back end and you’ll never want to update it. If you’re dealing with a website company, ask about the turnaround time. It can range from same day up to a week, so make sure you find a company that works on a timetable similar to yours. 

It’s very likely you’ll find that those who provide a website service, such as Imperial Program, respond much more quickly than those who sell a website product. 

If you want more new clients, getting to an intuitive and engaging website is not optional. Many clients are doing research online before selecting a  product or service, you need to have a solid Internet presence and your prospective clients need to be able to find your website quick and easy. 

Do your homework and ask the questions discussed here before selecting website provider in order to ensure a profitable and lasting partnership.

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  • CMS-based Website Design.
  • It is designed to help website owners upload, manage and control their own text content and images with little or no prior technical know-how.
  • Increased business productivity - you no longer need to work with your IT department or vendor.
  • Enhanced user experience with website content searching capabilities embedded in CMS.
  • No limitation for the content editing.
  • Your website will come with built in Search Engine Optimization tools with .htaccess to create apparently static URLs called permalinks, blogrolling, and pinging.